Should You Call a Plumber or a Basement Waterproofing Contractor? Grand Rapids, MI

You’ve noticed a pool of water on the floor of your basement. Should you call a plumber or a basement waterproofing contractor? This is a dilemma that many are faced with when they discover leaks in their basement. In this blog, we discuss the difference between plumbers and waterproofing professionals and help you determine which one you should call.basement-waterproofing-grand-rapids-mi-everdry-waterproofing-of-greater-grand-rapids-1

What a Plumber Does

If you’re like many people, your knee jerk reaction to a leak in your home is to contact a plumber. After all, many leaks are a result of problems with the plumbing right? Leaks in the basement are a little more complex than that.

A plumber deals with issues related to plumbing. They can install and repair waste disposal systems, potable water supply lines, waste water supply lines, and even supply lines for some heating and cooling systems. If the leak in your basement is due to a problem with the plumbing, a plumber will help to repair the plumbing and prevent future leaking. They can help to protect your basement from water damage.

What a Basement Waterproofing Contractor Does

Handling basement leaks often goes beyond simply addressing the source of the leak. Leaks can result in weakness in your foundation. There are also some instances when basement leaks are much more than simple plumbing problems.basement-waterproofing-grand-rapids-mi-everdry-waterproofing-of-greater-grand-rapids-2

Basement waterproofing contractors are professionals that work to keep basements dry. They can install waterproofing solutions such as sump pumps, vapor barriers, French drains, and many other solutions to protect your basement from moisture. They will assist you in identifying the source of the leak and providing repair solutions to protect your foundation and restore its structural integrity. These professionals can also help with safe mold remediation.

Who Should You Call

It depends on the situation. Plumbers and waterproofing contractors play completely different roles when it comes to addressing basement leaks. If you have noticed water accumulated in your basement and are not sure about where it is coming from, your safest bet is to contact a basement waterproofing contractor. Many of these contractors offer free inspection services. They will inspect your basement to identify the source of the water and recommend solutions to address the issue. If it is a plumbing problem, the contractor will recommend that you contact a plumber. They will also help you address any negative effects that the leaks may have had on your foundation.

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