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Problems Caused by a Leaky Basement in Wyoming MI 49548

Leaky Basement in Wyoming MI 49548

There’s no question as to whether or not a leaky basement in Wyoming MI 49548 is a bad thing. However, have you ever stopped to question why? As with many other problems, the solution can come from knowing the causes. Here are a few damaging effects of having a leaky basement in Wyoming MI 49548.


One of the first things you are likely to notice when there is a leak in your basement is a feeling of wetness. Rain, or any other form of precipitation, will immediately make its way through any crack in your basement wall or foundation and begin to collect. This raises the humidity level in the basement and, consequently, the whole house. Excess moisture can make living in your house uncomfortable, but it can also cause a series of other problems.


Mold grows very well in moisture. While it is difficult for mold to grow in a dry structure, and therefore easy for you to avoid, the opposite is true for a moist environment. If your basement has a crack in it, or you’ve noticed a feeling of heightened humidity in your house, chances are mold has already started to grow in some places, and will continue to spread.


It’s generally accepted that moisture causes an odor, especially inside a structure over a period of time. Water that leaks in through a crack in the foundation can sit in carpet, furniture, and anything else lying around, causing an embarrassing and frustrating odor.


This one seems obvious, but it can be scary to make the connection between that tiny crack in the wall of your basement and the possibility of a flood in your home. A small crack can be just as dangerous as a large one in a steady rain, and a flood in your basement can be devastating to anything of importance that is kept down there, as well as compound all of the previously mentioned issues.

Have you noticed a feeling of wetness or a strange odor in your home? Perhaps you’ve spotted some mold. Or maybe your basement has even flooded recently. Contact us. We can solve all of these problems and more.

By Rob VanSuilichem

Rob VanSuilichem

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