Potential Problems Caused by a Leaky Basement – Wyoming, MI

Basements are one of the most common places to find leaks and water seepage in homes of all sizes. Cracks in the home’s foundation, leaking pipes, and poor insulation are just a few reasons why basements are subject to water damage. While it may be tempting to ignore a seemingly benign leak, doing so may lead to extensive damage throughout your home.


Increased Moisture and Humidity


The first indication of a leaky basement is the feeling of excess humidity in the room. You may feel moisture in the air as soon as you enter the space. Leaks in the foundation, walls, or windows may lead to a drastic increase in humidity levels. Waterproofing your basement may reduce the high moisture content in your basement.


This increased moisture can lead to damage to your personal items. Furniture, carpet, and other valuables may be ruined by this extra moisture. Humid air may also make the room less inviting, and the moist air may contaminate other rooms of your house.


Risk of Mold


Mold grows wherever there is moisture. A leaky basement is prime real estate for mold spores looking for a place to grow. Mold travels quickly, and the spores may enter your home through foundation cracks or other open crevices. Once it’s inside, mold quickly spreads and contaminates both your surfaces and air.


Not only is mold an eyesore, but it can also lead to a wide range of health problems. Inhaling even small amounts of mold spores may be dangerous. People who have been exposed to mold often report respiratory ailments, increased headaches, and even depression. Remediating the mold often leads to a reversal in these symptoms.


Unpleasant Odor


Have you ever wondered why so many older homes have a musty odor? This aroma isn’t just an indication of the home’s age, but it is also usually indicative of a mold problem. As mold grows on damp, moist surfaces, you may notice an unpleasant musty odor. Removing all water sources from the basement is the easiest way to get rid of this aroma.


Water Flooding


If the cause of your leaky basement isn’t determined, then you may be at a higher risk for flooding. All it takes is a small crack to completely flood your home. As the water builds up, it will slowly fill the space. A sudden rainstorm may exacerbate the flooding. Water can damage your personal belongings, as well as weaken the structural integrity of your home.