Common Solutions for Basement Waterproofing in Grand Rapids MI

Basement Waterproofing in Grand Rapids MI

Is there water in your basement? This is the homeowner’s worst nightmare. You find all your belongings soaked and wonder what you did wrong to have to suffer such a horrible fate.

Don’t despair. It’s not the end of the world. Although you may have lost some irreplaceable knickknacks, you can prevent the flooding of the basement from occurring again by investing in basement waterproofing.

Common solutions

When you approach a basement contractor, you’ll discover that there are various types of solutions available for basement waterproofing.The solution you select will depend on your circumstances. Here are some of those solutions:

  • Primers and paints: Primers and paints can be used to seal cracks in basement walls. However, this solution is only short term and is not recommended. It is nothing more than a cosmetic solution as the underlying cause of the leaking is not addressed.
  • Injections: Another crack sealing and repair method involves the use of polyurethane or epoxy sealants that are injected into cracks. This approach is a quick fix method that should only be used on poured concrete foundations in which there is seepage. The sealants fill the cracks and prevent water and moisture from seeping through to the surface. This is also a temporary fix and should not be considered a permanent solution for a leaking basement.
  • Excavating the exterior: This is an intensive form of waterproofing. It involves removing the soil surrounding the foundation wall and exposing its exterior surface. A French drain is then installed to guide water away from the wall. The contractor will typically apply a new waterproofing membrane to ensure that water does not seep through again.Although this is more expensive than previously described methods, it is a long term solution as the underlying problem causing water seepage is addressed. It also causes a disruption in the landscape which may cost more money to restore.
  • Excavating the interior: You may choose to have the interior of the foundation wall excavated instead. This will include the installation of a drainage system and waterproofing membrane. You will need to install a sump pump to remove water that collects in the internal drainage system.

It is important to select a basement waterproofing solution that is for the long term. Don’t be taken in by what seem to be cheap solutions that will only work for the short term. Talk to a contractor to determine the best solution for your particular situation.