A 4-Step Approach to Eliminate Crawl Space Moisture in Holland MI

Crawl Space Moisture in Holland MI

Using crawl space in construction is one topic in the construction industry that most professionals never seem to agree on. If your home is standing over a crawl space you need to get insight on the reasons these spaces lead to such controversy.

The main point of argument is that crawl spaces are prone to moisture problems posing great danger to homeowners. In essence, every home needs crawl space waterproofing to avoid hazards that come with moisture in this space.

Risks associated with Crawl Space Moisture

Crawl spaces are mostly neglected but as a homeowner you need to appreciate the risks moisture presence in these spaces exposes your family to. Some of the problems include:

  • Radon Gas exposure: This has been cited as the 2nd cause of lung cancer by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This gas is found in the soil and if your crawl space has a dirt floor your family is at great risk.
  • Structural problems: Your foundation’s wood support beams will be affected by moisture thus compromising the structural integrity of your home.
  • Vermin: Rodents and other pests love neglected moist spaces and they will happily inhabit your crawl space causing untold damage to wood and utility lines.
  • Toxic black mold growth: The Basement Health Association (BHA) says over 70{a01d7d21de2172f1b14f06a8bafcbdf0b628e8f979d68f5dde60693bc1457a76} of the air you breathe indoors comes from the space below the floor. If there is toxic mold growth due to moisture presence, your family will be at risk of respiratory health complications.

How to Permanently Deal with Crawl Space Moisture

Here is a four step unique approach to dealing with this problem conclusively:

  1. Crawl space waterproofing: This entails averting any more entry of air and moisture into this space. Your contractor will use certified vapor barrier materials to keep these elements out. Encapsulation ensures the earth floor and walls are well insulated to keep out air and moisture.
  2. Crawl space dehumidification: To keep this space dry you need to draw out any moist air and which calls for specialized dehumidification systems that will work automatically. The unit cleans the space off musty odors, pollutants and moisture to make it usable.
  3. Drainage solutions: A qualified contractor understands that underlying water issues need to be addressed if moisture problems in the crawl space are to be eliminated. Drainage footing should be installed all around the house to divert any runoff that would otherwise enter this space.
  4. Crawl space sump pump: This is installed before encapsulation to ensure any rising water level is addressed before it comes to the surface. A backup battery unit is also fitted for more efficiency.

For your health and safety, let a foundation contractor examine your home for crawl space moisture. The benefits are just too immense to ignore.